Confirmation / Order details

The consumer through our website is informed by the company prior to the completion of his order for the identity and address of the supplier, the characteristics of the product, the price, the quantity, the shipping costs, the methods of payment, the estimated time of delivery, the price of a potential offer and the right of withdrawal..

By sending the order form, the consumer receives an electronic copy of the order at the e-mail address that he has declared when registering his order, which includes the detailed description of the order

Product Shipping

Deliveries within 2 days, after the placement of the order, apply only for orders delivered within the natural boundaries of Greece and through the courier company that cooperates with straightrazorway.com

Free Shipping

Order Tracking

For information about your order, please contact our call center:

Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 09: 00-21: 00 and Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 09: 00-18: 00

tel: +30 210 6893759